How we do it

Real Estate

It’s all about the location. As an Oregon-licensed real estate broker, we can help find the right property for your unique business through careful analysis of commercial real estate markets, zoning classifications, and sensitive use restrictions. Other professionals are ready to assist when needed, including attorneys and water right examiners. Our team has numerous agricultural and industrial properties now available for lease.

Good Planning

Our focus on business and financial planning is designed to create a strong foundation for your successful enterprise.  Choosing the right hemp business structure is critical as federal law and state regulations continue to evolve.  Our team has assisted other clients to organize their businesses in ways that meets current law, promotes organizational goals, and provides flexibility to change with the regulatory or business environment.

Smart Design

Our cultivation systems are designed to deliver optimum results. We offer facility design, construction management, equipment procurement, and operational planning as part of our hemp consulting services. We are not licensed to be your general contractor, but we can collaborate with your builder and act as the on-site construction project manager to ensure that your facilities are accurately-budgeted, value-engineered, and purpose-built to the highest standards for cannabis production.

Right Technology

Growers must find ways to reduce labor and input costs, and increase crop health and yield. Innovation is mandatory these days, but ever more critical as the market matures and becomes more competitive. Successful, efficient operations require integrating the right technology at the right time, such as fertigation systems, harvesting technologies, biomass processing, and storage solutions. Our team can help you evaluate and source best-in-class industry equipment and products for your operation.

Handling Services

You grow the hemp, we handle your crop.  Our team can provide post-harvest transportation, perform drying and processing, cold storage, and broker bulk hemp biomass products.  Your hemp products are handled in a facility operated by skilled, well-trained workers using the best equipment and smart workflows. Using our end-to-end hemp handling services comes with clear advantages. Most importantly, our assistance helps you free up the necessary capital to grow your farm.