Q. Can you help buy or sell real estate?

A. Yes, let us handle all your real estate search and negotiations. Our consultant is an Oregon-licensed real estate broker who can help find the right location for your unique business through careful analysis of commercial real estate markets, zoning classifications, and sensitive use restrictions. Other professionals are ready to assist when needed, including attorneys and water right examiners. Our team has identified numerous agricultural and industrial properties now available for acquisition. OREGON REAL ESTATE LICENSE #201225570

Q. What range of services do you offer?

A. We can assist our clients in one specific area or provide comprehensive management solutions.  We partner with you to design the most efficient and profitable cultivation processes, with consideration for plant genetics, plant nutrition, production scheduling, integrated pest management, data collection, operational procedures, staffing, processing, quality control and compliance.

Q. Do you work on extraction projects?

A. Yes, we have hands-on expertise with start-to-finish extraction labs, including CO2, ethanol, butane, and other hazardous materials and solvents. Our approach to extraction labs begins with site selection, building and fire code analysis, and liaison with engineers (structural, electrical, mechanical, fire life safety). We act as the on-site construction project manager to ensure that your extraction facility is accurately-budgeted, value-engineered, and purpose-built for safe and compliant production. Our familiarity with extraction processes includes post-processing to the crystalline isolate stages within GMP environments.

Q. Can you assist with design and build-out?

A. Absolutely, we offer design, construction management and operations planning as part of our consulting services.  We are not licensed to be your general contractor, but we can collaborate with your builder and act as the on-site construction project manager to ensure that your facilities are accurately-budgeted, value-engineered, and purpose-built for production and manufacturing.  Modern facilities require keen attention to detail with regard to sanitary standards, production areas, security, and access control. Each client presents a unique situation, but we ultimately plan to design you a smart facility that considers all business, financial and physical parameters. We intend that facilities are built to the highest standards, particularly specification and installation of production equipment to deliver optimum results. This facilitates a seamless transition from construction to operation, and ensures a smooth business opening.

Q. What about industrial hemp farming in Oregon?

A. Oregon is the number two producer of hemp, right behind Colorado. Farmers are well-positioned to exponentially increase the amount of industrial hemp cultivated in Oregon in the next few years.  The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 will help solidify the legality and legitimacy of the hemp industry.  Hemp is a popular and profitable crop to cultivate commercially to supply the growing consumer market for a variety of non-psychoactive products made from hemp fiber, seed, or oil.

Q. What services do you provide for Oregon hemp farmers?

A. We assist these hemp operations in every area of licensing, planning, cultivation, and handling as well as negotiating profitable hemp sales contracts.  Our expertise in the hemp industry includes drying services, transportation and storage, processing and extraction, testing, product development, sales and marketing.  We also offer a business planning tool and pro forma financial model for hemp cultivation, processing, and sales. Visit our satellite company www.specialtyhandling.us for more information on our hemp handling services for Oregon farmers.

Q. How important is innovation and technology to the hemp industry?

A. Each planting season, hemp farmers cultivate many thousands of hemp plants but the industry lacks sufficient capacity to efficiently and cost-effectively harvest, transport and process increasingly larger seasonal harvests.  We keep you informed about the latest in harvesting technologies, such as double-cut combines, SuperCrop® headers, FormationAg® harvesters; biomass reducers, and mesh-belt hemp dryers. Our recommendations include the most sustainable, innovative, and cutting-edge technology to help automate your hemp growing, handling, or processing operation and benefit your long-term competitiveness. With so many choices, we help you sort through the clutter to determine which product opportunities are ready to adopt, which capital expenditures can be delayed, and which new products be postponed for future consideration.  Our success in this area stems from constant research and testing in actual cultivation and handling environments.

Q. Can you help write a business plan for my company?

A. Yes, we engage with a team of professional writers to create strong business plans that separate your business from the rest of the pack.  Our experts prepare business plans that incorporate well-informed research, creative business value propositions, convincing sales and marketing narratives, and solid financial projections. These business fundamentals work equally well in uncertain financial times, regardless of industry. Our business plan writing team has created plans with these enduring principles for numerous clients, resulting in a remarkable record of business successes. When you select our team to write your plan, you will work directly with experts who will research your business and its market, develop pro forma financial statements, write your business plan, and provide advice and guidance throughout the process.

Q. What about compliance and Metrc training?

A. Our philosophy on compliance is simple: Good compliance means diligent hard work and monitoring, and always making a good faith effort to prevent a violation.  This begins with developing an employee training plan that covers OLCC rules, as well as company policies from your employee handbook. We can develop and implement a full compliance program – including standard operating procedures (“SOPs”), policies, handbooks, and training – that will provide documented proof of your efforts to conduct business in accordance with applicable regulations. We help our clients prioritize compliance risks by addressing key areas that can result in license sanctions: Cultivation, Pesticides, Inventory Control, Quality Assurance, and Security.  Strong compliance efforts are viewed favorably with state and local regulators, and can help to mitigate less serious offenses in the event of any technical violations.  We also offer facility safety assessments, inventory auditing (Metrc), and staff training.  Our consultants have advanced, hands-on experience to teach clients how to successfully use the Cannabis Tracking System in licensed cultivation, wholesale, processing, and retail environments.  Don’t risk a fine or license suspension – let us properly train your staff.

Q. Do you have hands-on experience in real operating facilities?

A. Yes, our team has decades of specialized knowledge as large-scale cultivators, facility managers, and business owners. Over the years, we have designed over 50,000 square feet of plant canopy, grown thousands of plants, and helped implement many different types of growing styles.  We have performed this work in California, Washington, and Oregon. Our expertise is rooted and perfected in actual operating facilities, enabling us to advise our clients on best practices that are demonstrated and proven in real-life situations. With so many choices, it’s important to make good decisions and stay the course. Our strategy is simple: We apply proven commercial agriculture practices, methodologies and technology to help our clients on a straight path to success.